Nov 20, 2010

Review: Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez

Title: Rainbow Boys
Author: Alex Sanchez
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Publication Date: October 2001
Genre: Young Adult
My Rating: 

Jason Carrillo is a jock with a steady girlfriend, but he can't stop dreaming about sex...with other guys.
Kyle Meeks doesn't look gay, but he is. And he hopes he never has to tell anyone -- especially his parents.
Nelson Glassman is "out" to the entire world, but he can't tell the boy he loves that he wants to be more than just friends.
Three teenage boys, coming of age and out of the closet. In a revealing debut novel that percolates with passion and wit, Alex Sanchez follows these very different high-school seniors as their struggles with sexuality and intolerance draw them into a triangle of love, betrayal, and ultimately, friendship.

This was the first book i read. I was in middle school and I didn't know reading was going to become a passion but since my school started this thing called SSR (sustained silent reading) we were required to have a book to read for 15 min... or was it 30min... I can't recall but yea, my brother let me borrow his book, Rainbow Boys, turns out I got really into this story and I ended up reading the whole trilogy.
  I have to say I really liked the trilogy but the last two books weren't as good as this first. These books teach you a lot about sexuality and how most homosexuals struggle through high school and pretty much through life, they are bullied just because of who they are. I have to say I learned a lot from this story and it gave me a really good point of view. I understand the mixed reviews for this book and I see that not many people support the gay community but I myself support it.

"The message is simple folks – peace, love, unity and respect." - Nikki (yareads)
The story line is great. This character, Nelson, makes this book a little extra humorous. I was most interested in Jason's side of the story most likely because he was the most troubled with the coming out part. It is a fun book to read but i admit it can be sad for plenty of reasons, a good example would be the fact that Jason's father is an alcoholic. He is abusive and well... homophobic, here you can probably see one of the first conflicts of the story. There isn't much i can review about it since i did read this book a long time ago and can't remember much detail.
  It is a good book. The characters are really likable. It's not perfection but it's not bad either, but it sure was great enough to spark up my interest in books. 

Book #2 and #3

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