Jul 25, 2011

Regarding 2011 Challenges

When I first heard about this challenge I was really excited I must say, but I have to admit that I am no longer as interested in the Young Adult genre as I was when I first heard about the challenge. In that case I am no longer going to continue with the DAC challenge because I don't want to force myself to read something that I am not currently interested in reading only because I don't want to give whatever book I am reading a bad review based on the mood I was in while reading the book. I did get to read FOUR of the twelve books I promised to read and there WILL be reviews for those four. I did have most of those twelve books on my lists already bought and in my bookcase in which case I might read them sometime in the future and there will obviously be reviews. Just because I am pausing the YA reading it does not mean that I no longer like them in any way because I do, those books were the first type of books I read and I still want to continue reading them, in which case I should mention that I am really excited for a couple of YA books that are coming out soon so please know that there will still be YA reviews. I still have plenty of YA reviews that I have to do so this blog will still be mainly YA based for a while.

As for the Stephen King Challenge, I will continue that challenge along with the goodreads challenge.